Billy D LIVE at The Fenix

Living On The Run: Billy D has just released his new album entitled” Living on The Run” Two years in the making with pre-production work, countless hours of preparation, and then down the home stretch for the final cut. Recorded, mixed, and mastered at Screaming Lizard Studios in Petaluma by Andre Zweers and Judy Kirschner both at the top of their game as major recording engineers at the Lucas Film Ranch.


Billy D

With the help of a few old friends contributing some fine slide guitar playing, mandolin picking, and some real fancy and sometimes mournful fiddling Billy D has managed to combine and mold all of these energies into his first solo album. This album is filled with songs of lost love, old western adventure, broken dreams, and new ones built. Combined with some frivolity and heartfelt rejection this collection of songs invites the listener into the fantastic and colorful world of Billy D. Billy D’s sound is so new and refreshing that it has barred itself from popular exposure. ”People often get so used to the mainstream music that keeps coming at them from all of the media sources that they forget about the roots of the music they are listening to” “ My music penetrates the heart and soul because it is from my heart and soul. That is the price we pay for the art of creation” The music of Billy D has been around for quite some time floating under the radar on the college stations and the Indie charts. Right up there with the best of them Billy D has been pioneering the sounds of yester year and combining all of that nostalgia and history of the early days of the old west with the music of the present. “It’s all about the love for the music and drama of that period that keeps me going”   The Songs: The first song on my new album is entitled “The Real Thing” depicting the character of a man who has completely fallen hopelessly in love and has to sing about it. Up – beat and positive it has a fine flavor of the Old West with the mandolin and the slide guitar inviting you along in the background. Taking on the number two spot is “Susie” a tale about lost love with a bar maid in a filthy saloon who runs off with a gambling man who promises her diamonds and fast times. Our hero follows in quick pursuit but decides when he finds her that he is better off without her. Song number three “The Road to Your Heart” is written in the style of Country music from the fifties when fancy, wild, rhinestone sequenced studded jackets and hats were all the rage and heart wrenching ballads were the norm. Trying to cope with the death of his wife a famous country singer turns into an alcoholic drug abuser while he rises to the top of his game and then comes tumbling down. Out of nowhere, light, airy, fun, and fast “Hit the Road Again” changes the mood and introduces frivolity and whimsy into the adventure. “A man’s got to know when to leave the party” says Billy D. The lead track and inspiration for the album is “Living on The Run” a story about a man who remains relentless in his survival to return to his wife and family after spending five years in prison for robbing a bank. I’ve never been much on wasted conversation but this song “Idle Conversation” is about questioning life, love, and politics and dealing with it on your own terms depending on how you feel at the time. With a ripping harmonica solo this song captures the liveliness of the times. “It’s Hard to Be Willie” emulating the lifestyle of Willie Nelson the desire for success haunts this crooner while he waits patiently to become just like Willie. “Rhythm Shoes” This fun filled, toe tapping journey, takes the listener on a ride through the fairgrounds with a whimsical style and image of a happy go lucky hard working single man doing his best to get through the work day with a big smile on his face by focusing on getting home and putting on his rhythm shoes and dancing all night long. The last tune “Walk Away” A beautiful ballad about a young woman who never seems to be able to find the right man but seems to find solace in a bottle at the nearest bar. Billy D says “There’s too much hate, greed, violence, and poverty in the world today. People have to get back to the garden and start living with each other and not against each other. My songs were meant to enrich people’s lives. To give them some pleasure and possibly a memory or two.  Each new day I wake up and try to live life to the fullest measure by writing music and hitting the road again.”