“Living On The Run” Available Now!

New Album on The Way

CDCover-MEDWith the release of his last album entitled” Living on The Run” Two years in the making with pre-production work and countless hours of preparation Billy D has begun a New Album. This album is filled with songs of fun and merriment, old western adventure, broken dreams, and new ones built. Combined with some frivolity and heartfelt rejection this collection of songs invites the listener into the fantastic and colorful world of Billy D.

“It took a Pandemic to get me off the road and provide me with enough time to focus on a Brand New Album of songs that had sat in my heart for far too long waiting to be birthed. I am overjoyed at the opportunity of being able to write about my inner most feelings about the times we live in today and to be able to bring them to you the listener for approval”.

Billy D will be completing his new album of Fresh New Material in August 2020.

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Recent News

Billy D Begins Another New Album Project

After Billy D released his first Solo Americana Album "Living On The Run" in 2014 he went on the road with Ramblin Jack Elliott,  Peter Rowan and John Prine. Just being around such great talents as these can send shivers [more]

BIlly D and Ramblin Jack Elliott

BIlly D and Ramblin Jack Elliott Billy D and Ramblin Jack Elliott had a wonderful touring season in 2019 crossing America with sold out shows all of the way. The tour schedule continued with another cross country adventure with Todd Snider in October selling out shows [more]

Living On The Run CD Released!

Living On The Run CD Released! Living On The Run is a fine example of original song writing and story telling from an artist that has been around for many years playing and singing his way through every Dive Bar, Honky Tonk, and Beer Garden throughout [more]